Allah will help those who help his cause (Holy Quran 22:40)

                                                                                                     (Regd. Society)

President Mohd. Akbar

 Founder Alhaj Mohd. Aslam Shamsi





Moradabad is a prominent city of U.P., situated on the bank of river Ram Ganga. This city is famous all over the world for Brass Ware Industries. Moradabad is the Head Quarter of the division peculiarity populated by muslims more than 50% of the total population but educationally, it is backward particulars in heigher education especially muslims.

Keeping in view the problems of heigher education, Mr. Mohd. Aslam Shamsi the founder of this college pledged to dedicate his services for educational institutions and social services. Muslima Girls Degree College has been established in the year 2004 by the Muslima Girls Degree College Sociaty, run by the parent body i.e. Indian Al Muslima Welfare Charitable Trust, registered under the sociaty act in the year 2003, under the presidentship of Mr. Mohd. Aslam Shamsi. Muslima Girls Degree College is a well recognised institution affiliated to the M.J.P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly U.P.

Idea has been cherished and conceived in the wake of the institutional experience and contribution of the promotor Mr. Mohammad Aslam Shamsi under the MGDC in 2003. The promoters have been running the feeder instituions of the project at their own, even without any financial assistance from the government since their establishment. The project of Muslima Girls Degree College and hostel building has been thought of while expecting auspicious grant from some funding agency to come out to sponsor the building construction and the promoting association is assured to arrange necessary recurring expenses at its own.


For the sake of the educational upliftment of the Minorities especially in muslim, we humble appeal to all generous and auspicious people to donate your remittance in favour of MUSLIMA GIRLS DEGREE COLLEGE- Allahabad Bank, City Office, Amroha Gate, Moradabad- Bank A/c N. 13271. This A/c number is registered under FCRA, Govt. of India and FCRA No. is 136600064
You may sent your aid, zakat,sadqat and all charities for poor girls students of Muslima Girls Degree College through D/D or by Cheque in favour of 'MUSLIMA GIRLS DEGREE COLLEGE'

 May Allah Taala bless you and progress your profession. .                                                                                                           

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